Erik J Sanborn Headshot.jpg

ERIK J SANBORN - Founder/Artistic Director

Erik Sanborn, Founder/Artistic Director of METROPOLITAN BALLET, has been teaching in the fine arts of music and ballet for nearly 30 years. He trained in ballet with Nancy Bielsky, David Howard, Wihelm Burmann, Farbrice Hauralt, Bonnie Mathis, Lirena Branitsky and Tatian Berenova. His careers have taken him to 26 countries and his directorship has included choreographing several works including The Nutcracker, Paloma, Swan Lake, Amadeus the Ballet, Dracula and Sleeping Beauty. Erik has performed several principal roles including the Nutcracker Prince and Sugar Plum Cavalier, Arabian Prince, Snow Cavalier, Blue Bird Pas de Deux, Head Rancher in Rodeo, Prince Florimund in Sleeping Beauty, Prince Siegfried in Swan Lake, Fall Pas de Deux in Cinderella and the male lead in CAAM’s Butterfly Lovers by world renown Chinese Choreographer, Shen Pei. Erik brings his enthusiasm and gift for teaching, choreography and artistic direction to the academy. He dedicates his career and life to the fine arts in honor of his late daughter Anna.