Jazz - coming soon!

Jazz classes at En Pointe give students a thorough grounding in jazz terminology and technique while offering an opportunity to grow as performers. The warm-up and progressions will use classic jazz techniques and styles such as Luigi, Giordano, and Fosse to develop students' musicality, athleticism, alignment and performance. MBA instructors will use this technical base to explore a variety of jazz styles, including classical, musical theater, jazz funk and lyrical/contemporary.* 


This class teaches students the rudimentary movements that are the foundation for classical modern dance styles and techniques such as Graham, Horton, and Limón.  Students will focus on developing a keen understanding of what it means to dance in parallel.  They will also be introduced to contractions, spirals, basic floor work, and elemental concepts of space, time and force. 

Contemporary - COMING SOON!

Contemporary classes utilize specific principles from classical ballet, modern, jazz, and folk dances by fusing them together to create a movement style that is highly expressive and athletic.  All classes challenge conventional movement ideas by experimenting with various rhythms, isolations, transitions, fast paced work, and subtle deliberate movements.*


*Jazz, Contemporary, and Modern are available to non-ballet and ballet students.  However, Modern is a prerequisite for any student wishing to take Jazz or Contemporary.